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Dear Harborview Homeowner,

We have some exciting news! Harborview was recently offered an opportunity to participate in a film production on Friday, September 22. You should have received a filming notification on your door to keep you informed of what to expect. A copy of the notification is also included in this email. The added incentive is that the Harbor Homeowner’s Association was given payment in the sum of $4000.00, for this use.

These funds have been deposited into the Harbor Homeowners Reserve Account and will be used as a common space enhancement, sometime in the near future. A copy of the filming contract and check have been posted to www.harborviewnola.com website, for your review.

We have been assured the inconvenience will be minimal, and appreciate your patience & cooperation during the production, with hopes that we will be considered again in the future!

Looking forward to seeing us ” In the Movies”.

The Harborview Board

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Our annual Homeowner Association meeting was held on June 30, 2017 from 6:00-8:00 PM in the Harborview Lounge.

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